Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zune 3.0 Upgrade is Live!

Zune 3.0 is a major improvement to all of our digital media players, software, and online services. Take advantage of these outstanding new features by updating your Zune 3.0 Software today.
buy from FM and zune marketplace on your device
updating is easy

Wireless capabilities just got better: Buy from FM is a new feature that lets you tag songs you hear on the radio via your Zune player's built-in FM tuner and download them later. Plus, you can shop Zune Marketplace directly from your player at Wi-Fi hotspots. Get what you want on the go.

dynamic music channels

Update now and get the latest features
from Zune.

1. Disconnect your Zune.
2. In the software, click Settings, Software, General.
3. Click Check for Updates.

After completing the update, your Zune will update automatically the next time you sync.

You can follow these steps at any time
and manually update your Zune whenever
you'd like.
Maximize your Zune Pass with Channels. These dynamic playlists bring you a regularly updated collection of tracks that you can subscribe to like podcasts. Other software improvements let you search better, explore music maps of related artists and albums, get personalized picks, set artist alerts for new releases, and more.

new 120GB and 16GB players
free 14-day zune pass trial

Pick your new Zune from a wider variety of capacities and colors. Go large with our ultra-sleek black 120GB and 16GB players. Check out our new 8GB glossy blue Zune. Or custom engrave an original — choosing from more than 50 exclusive designs — at zuneoriginals.net.
Zune Pass monthly music subscription is your ticket to millions of songs and albums on Zune Marketplace. Sign-in to your Zune My Account page; click on Zune Pass to select the free trial.

games for your zune
Get started with two totally free games — the puzzling Hexic and Texas Hold 'Em Poker (featuring wireless multiplayer!) Many new games are on the way. Check Zune.net for updates in coming months.

audiobooks have arrived
We've partnered with Audible.com, using their software to manage audiobooks on Zune. Browse and buy titles at over 7,500 public libraries and leading bookstores.

zune social is growing
Now with a community of over 2 million, the new Zune Social works with Windows Live Messenger and includes revamped profile and artist pages. Download Zune Card playlists to go, receive weekly friend activity updates, and more.